The Healthy Measures consumer tools are lighthearted and uplifting to encourage women to take action to improve their health. The tools are available for downloading from this website and are suitable for photocopying/printing in black & white, except for the posters, which are designed for reproduction in colour.

Self-Assessment Quiz
Ten simple questions help women examine their health habits with helpful tips accompanying each of the answers.
Download Self-Assessment Quiz

Tips Sheets
Each sheet contains ten helpful tips for women. Three sheets focus on one element such as being active, eating well or being yourself. The fourth sheet combines all three elements as an overall Healthy Measures Tips Sheet.


These thought-provoking statements help motivate women to maintain a positive attitude to achieve their goals. Women can also use this sheet as a reference for selecting affirmations for their Progress Monitoring Chart (see below).
Download Affirmations

Progress Monitoring Chart
This chart helps women establish reachable goals, monitor their progress and reflect on their achievements each week. One chart is provided with existing affirmations; an additional chart is provided with blank spaces where women can write in their individual affirmations from the Affirmations Sheet or from their own imaginations.
Download Progress Monitoring Chart

Two different types of posters are available so you can select an image that is suitable for your particular audience or use both!

Please Note: These are large files and may take a few minutes to download.

Handout folder
A handy 11 x 17 folder is provided for you to use for consumer handouts. Just print and fold!
Download Handout folder