Healthy Measures Tool Kit
In 2003, the Nutrition Resource Centre of the Ontario Public Health Association produced a Healthy Weights Tool Kit for health professionals in Ontario. This tool kit was created with funding from the Ontario Women’s Health Council and with the collaboration of Toronto Public Health, Cancer Care Ontario and a 12-member Advisory Committee comprised of health professionals.

Many of the health professional and consumer tools from this tool kit are available for downloading free of charge from this website. In addition, a complete copy of the printed material in the Healthy Measures Tool Kit is available.

Download Healthy Measures Tool Kit:

Health professional tools
A variety of tools are provided for health professionals to use in promoting healthy weights in their communities. These tools will ensure that consistent key messages surrounding healthy weights will be disseminated widely and effectively to as many women in the target audience as possible. 

Consumer tools
Consumer tools inform, educate and motivate women to adopt a healthy balance in their own lives by making small, positive changes in their food choices, activity levels and personal self-acceptance.